Github – Custom Clonezilla Builder

Clonezilla is awesome! By default it has a huge amount of power. But, with a bit of effort, its existing utility can be greatly expanded. Unfortunately, it can be very cumbersome to unpackage and repackage a clonezilla image to change its functionality. That is why I built this tool. It efficiently unpackes and repackes clonezilla images with changes made to the syslinux, live, home, EFI, and Boot folders. Currently, I have added a boot menu entry which pulls a user determined github repo and prompts the user to run a script from the pulled repo.

How to Use the tool

First, you need to have a fully functional bash environment
Second, you need to download the repo – like this:

git clone

Third, make the changes you want to make to the contents of the syslinux, live, home, EFI, and Boot folders
Fourth, run the command below from the cloned directory:

sudo ./

Fifth, image the resultant .iso file to a usb using the almighty rufus

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