Lifting Review – Sheiko #29-#32

Program Duration: 3 Months
Workout Intensity: Intermediate
Workout Length: 1.5 Hours
Diet: Keto – 3200 Calories Per Day
Bodyweight: 210 Lb
Height: 6’5″


  1. Super effective program to build strength over time.
  2. Very well organized, no guess work involved.
  3. 3 Days per Week is very manageable
  4. SQUATS for DAYS


  1. One and a half hours in the gym is a lot of time to spend in the gym.
  2. Boring. This program has you doing much of the same lifts every day.
  3. SQUATS for DAYS
  4. Not a good program to build deadlift. Not enough volume.

Overall Thoughts

I was extremely happy with the outcomes of this program. I upped my squat by about 50 pounds over 3 months. That is an insane progression. I also added about 20 pounds on my bench, which is excellent. Unfortunately, my deadlift did not increase on this training program. I felt that there was not sufficient deadlift volume in the program to really force adaptation. I strongly recommend this program for anyone wanting to prep for their first powerlifting meet, or someone transitioning from beginner to intermediate lifting.

Whats Next

I am now transitioning to a customized RPE program designed by my powerlifting coach. Its based on a few different programs, but has me lifting to failure with safe weights on a regular basis, with a heavy emphasis on deadlift and related accessories.

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