Daily Notes – AWS Solutions Architect Lesson 3 – S3 Part 2

I wonder if I am going through the material too slowly for my January 15th deadline. I am currently working through the below linked video, and I am only on minute 37 so far with the notes I have crafted so far. But, I am also going methodically through the material and taking meticulous notes. I think the solution will be to have marathon study sessions on the weekends. Such is life! My current breakdown for studying works out to about 1 hour per 10 minutes of content. The full Exam Prep Video is 10 hours and 26 minutes. In minutes, the video is 626 minutes long. That means that it will take me about 62.6 hours to get through the content of this course. I can spread that out over the next 3 weeks, which puts me at December 15th to have the basic theory under my belt. That then means that I will have approximately 30 days to collate my knowledge and run through practice exams. That is extremely doable.

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