Daily Notes – AWS Solutions Architect Lesson Dump

I spent thanksgiving with my Wife’s family. We kept our visit “low key” and did not have lots of people over for the festivities. We also got tested for Covid before we left so as to make an attempt at being responsible. For much of that time I was without access to internet, which was wonderful. It also means I was unable to post my study notes. That does not mean I did not study for my exam during this time. Today is the first of December. That means I have 15 days before I need to have my notes finalized for the exam. Over the course of my Thanksgiving vacation, I wrote a lot of notes, most of which was from the video linked below:

I tried going through some practice exam questions as well, but decided to wait until after I have all of my notes on paper and some vocab in my head. Right now is still to early and I was feeling demotivated by how much I don’t know. Below you will find the massive dump of all my notes from November 25th through the 30th. Enjoy!

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