Where I’ve Been and Where I’m Going

Where we were

I apologize for my extended absence from this blog. I did not forget about this website. I simply did not invest the time to post to the site for a few months. I had already invested the time elsewhere. In January, my wife and I had a major medical scare with her family. Thankfully, things are somewhat stable for the moment, but the experience made us start questioning a lot of assumptions. We currently live about 10 hours away from my wife’s family. 10 hours is a long time if something happens and we need to be there. We decided that it would be best for us to figure out a way to relocate closer to her family in case the situation progresses.

With that in mind, I began pursuing potential ways to relocate our lives closer to family. I had intended to use January and February to study for the AWS Solutions Architect exam. But, instead I used that time to coordinate family affairs and pound out a significant amount of project work at my employer. January through March was an extremely stressful period of my life.

Where we are

I would like to give a huge shoutout to my former employer, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories. They were extremely generous and kind during this process. They provided a huge amount of flexability and care while my wife and I figured out what the future was going to look like. In the end, my wife and I decided to relocate to Northern Utah, which would provide us the most flexibility and allow her to pursue her career goals while drastically reducing the distance between us and family.

At the end of March, I accepted a remote position with the the IT & Security Management firm Syxsense. The position allows me to continue my adventure into “automating all the things” while also positioning me in front of customers on a regular basis. April 19th was my first day at Syxsense, and so far I am thoroughly enjoying the team, product and role.

April was, and May has been an extremely occupied time for me. Gearing myself up for this new role, training myself on our suite of products, and planning a move concurrently is no simple task. But, it is exciting. We love our community, our friends, and our memories of this community, but it is time to leave. While I have been extremely successful with my career here on the Palouse, my wife will have few job options once she graduates on Saturday (YES, THIS SATURDAY THE 15th… AND I AM SO READY FOR IT TO BE OVER). Relocating will provide her with a much wider pool of jobs to choose from and there might even be potential for a Phd program at the University of Utah (But I’m not interested in thinking about that just yet).

Where we are going

We just signed a lease on an apartment in Bountiful Utah. Bountiful is 20 minutes north of Salt Lake City Utah, and rests on the edge of the Wasatch mountain range. I miss mountains. I am beyond excited to see and live near mountains again.

I do intend to keep this site active. I don’t know exactly what that will look like moving forward. It may be spotty at times. But, after we finish moving into our new place at the end of summer, I will be posting regularly. In addition to what you find here, feel free to join me over at Syxsense, where I write frequent articles concerning all things Linux, Security, and Automation.

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