An Update

Life is political. That’s the way things are going to be, and the way they always have been. Politics in turn is an attempt to take personal values and translate those values into rules for everyone. If everyone has similar personal values, a political system can be crafted easily, and without strife. But, if you put 50 people in a room and ask them to come to a consensus on every major political issue they can think of, you will find that there is disunity on approximately all the major issues. Especially anything problem which has wide public attention. I think this is a good thing. I think disagreement and discourse is how we improve ourselves and our communities. I have spent a very long time considering my own philosophy and political positions. I’ve shared some of my thoughts with friends and family, but I have mostly kept it to myself. I did so out of fear of retribution. Fear that my thoughts would come back to bite me. 

Concurrently with writing this document, I have scrubbed my name and major identifying information from this website. With some trivial effort, you should be able to determine who I am, but it is my intension that this blog would no longer be tied to my public identity. The current culture is too tumultuous for that kind of risk. Please do know, I do not intend to divert this project towards fringe political discourse. Nor do I intend to present offensive or aggressive content. That is not my intention. Rather, I would like the freedom to explore complex and culturally relevant ideas freely, without the burden of my name being attached to those ideas.

Moving forward, this blog will be broken up into three primary directions:

  1. The Ethics: In which we discuss values and deconstruct the underlying themes present in those values.
  2. The Culture: In which we discuss the complex and ever evolving context we have been placed in.
  3. The Polis: In which we discuss the best way to express ethics and culture on a wide scale.

My hope with this focus, is to provide myself a space to think in a structured manor about what I believe, and why I believe it. This is a selfish endeavor. But if you find value in the monolog, then all the more for it. 

The picture at the top of this post is not unrelated. It’s of the June 2019 protest in Hong Kong. Free speech is by default a form of protest. This picture is a reminder of the importance and risk of free speech.

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