Powerlifting Results for 2021


Back in June, I posted what my programming was going to look like for the rest of the 2021 lifting year. I can now share the results of that program, as well as the changes I made to the program along the way. I know it’s not December yet, so I’m posting this article a bit early. That said, I have already achieved all my gym goals for 2021, so I don’t care.

Diet and Meal Planning

I maintained my diet plan all the way through the year. I ate 4 meals per day and meal prepped every Sunday. One major change did occur to my meal prepping process. I now have access to a Costco, and am using Costco veggies and chicken. It’s more expensive than WinCo, but the veggies and meat are all pre-prepped, which saves me about an hour in meal prep time. To me that hour is worth the extra 10-20 dollars per week in food cost. I also experienced an unexpected side-effect of my diet plan. Snoring. I’ve gained a lot of weight. Some of it muscle, some of it fat. I didn’t used to snore, but unfortunately I do now. Not much, but I do occasionally get whacked by my wife in the middle of the night. I have found that if I can get all 4 of my meals into my body by 7:45 PM, I do not snore nearly as much (or at all). So I am avoiding eating my last meal right before bed.

Diet Results

Bodyweight 06/21/2021: 222 lbs
Bodyweight 11/08/2021: 236 lbs

My goal weight for 2021 was 235 pounds, so I’m super happy with those results. I must admit, loosing my 6-pack abs was a bit of a downer, but the strength gains are totally worth it.

Training Results

During the year, I maintained all of the training methodologies described in my previous post, except for my back day. Previously, back was incorporated throughout my week. But, I started realizing that if I didn’t approach my back with specific intensity, I was not going to achieve my 405 pound deadlift goal. So, I removed my existing back programming, moved my back day to Monday and reallocated all other leg related work to Friday, so as to keep my heavy movements as spread out as possible. Then, for my back day, I shifted over to the Ed Coan deadlift program. My results were astounding. During the last 5 months, I also began doing physical therapy and had great results in pain reduction and stabilization.

Strength 06/21/2021: Deadlift: 325 lbs, Bench: 225 lbs, Squat, 305 lbs (Pain is not totally gone, but is completely manageable) 
Strength 11/08/2021: Deadlift: 405 lbs, Bench: 235 lbs, Squat, 365 lbs (Pain is gone)

Pain Levels 06/21/2021: Back Squatted 275 lbs without pain (Mildly tender later in the day)
Pain Levels 11/08/2021: Can lift whatever I want (including PRs) without pain

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