Powerlifting Results for 2021

Back in June, I posted what my programming was going to look like for the rest of the 2021 lifting year. I can now share the results of that program, as well as the changes I made to the program along the way. I know it’s not December yet, so I’m posting this article a bit early. That said, I have already achieved all my gym goals for 2021, so I don’t care.

HomeLab Tutorials – Part 3 – Configuring NextCloud with IdM LDAP Authentication

Previously on HomeLab Tutorials, we configured IdM domain services. This is nifty and lets us do lots of cool authentication things, as well as provides DNS management on our domain. But, none of that matters if we dont do anything with it. Our very first IdM managed service will be NextCloud. NextCloud is an opensource alternative to Google Drive and Onedrive. I use NextCloud, because i can configure it however I like, and I’m not beholden to someone else’s data center for my personal data. I want my data to be my data.