HomeLab Tutorials – Part 2 – Standing up a Domain Controller with IDM

In our last episode, we learned how to configure a static DNS provider for our homelab network. Having a static DNS provider is my baseline requirement for a functioning homelab environment. The other big hurdle is coherent credentialing and file access. RedHat IDM (IDentity Manager) is a implementation of directory management which provides a native and centralized solution for domain asset management in Linux.

Lifting Review – Sheiko #29-#32

Program Duration: 3 MonthsWorkout Intensity: IntermediateWorkout Length: 1.5 HoursDiet: Keto – 3200 Calories Per DayBodyweight: 210 LbHeight: 6’5″ Pros Super effective program to build strength over time. Very well organized, no guess work involved. 3 Days per Week is very manageable SQUATS for DAYS Cons One and a half hours in the gym is a … Read more

Github – Dracula Theme Applier

Dracula is the best color palette. There is a major problem. Not enough people use Dracula as their universal theme. Why not have Dracula everywhere on your Linux desktop environment? The script below fixes this problem. To use the script follow the easy steps below: Step 1. Clone the Dracula Theme Applier to your computer. … Read more