But what about the roads?

“But what about the roads?”, It’s the idea that if a libertarian society were implemented, then all infrastructure would cease. It’s the assumption that libertarians are all extremists who want the complete destruction of all government. It’s reductio ad absurdum. And it’s low hanging fruit. But, they do have a point. What does infrastructure or even basic society look like for a libertarian? Well, What about the roads?

A Review of My Internet Addiction

According to The Death Clock, I have between 884,397,364 and 1,487,555,734 seconds left to live. In years, that’s somewhere between 28 and 47 years. Obviously that’s based on a bell shape curve, I could live much longer than that (My family is known for long lifespans), or I could be hit by a bus on my walk home from the coffee shop tonight. So it goes.

Unfortunately, even though I know that my time is urgently precious, I still give it away for free.

Control, Freedom, and Death

Life sucks and then you die. it’s intended to be punchy. It’s intended to be abrupt. But, it’s not meant to be mean, rude, or offensive. I don’t mean to imply that life can’t be joyful. I don’t want you to hear that I hate life. But, I have been alive long enough to recognize that much of our time here is dictated by our experience of pain, the avoidance of that pain, and the constant march of death.