Powerlifting Results for 2021

Back in June, I posted what my programming was going to look like for the rest of the 2021 lifting year. I can now share the results of that program, as well as the changes I made to the program along the way. I know it’s not December yet, so I’m posting this article a bit early. That said, I have already achieved all my gym goals for 2021, so I don’t care.

HomeLab Tutorials – Part 3 – Configuring NextCloud with IdM LDAP Authentication

Previously on HomeLab Tutorials, we configured IdM domain services. This is nifty and lets us do lots of cool authentication things, as well as provides DNS management on our domain. But, none of that matters if we dont do anything with it. Our very first IdM managed service will be NextCloud. NextCloud is an opensource alternative to Google Drive and Onedrive. I use NextCloud, because i can configure it however I like, and I’m not beholden to someone else’s data center for my personal data. I want my data to be my data.

Daily Notes – AWS Solutions Architect Lesson Dump

I spent thanksgiving with my Wife’s family. For much of that time I was without access to internet, which was wonderful. It also means I was unable to post my study notes. That does not mean I did not study for my exam during this time. Today is the first of December. That means I have 15 days before I need to have my notes finalized for the exam. Over the course of my Thanksgiving vacation, I wrote a lot of notes, most of which was from the video linked below:

Daily Notes – AWS Solutions Architect Lesson 4 – S3 Part 3

Getting after it this morning. In this section we went over how to set up the AWS CLI on a workstation computer (Debian linux in my case) and how to perform some basic commands with the CLI. Personally, I think learning the CLI and API is going to be where I get the most bang for my buck. I dont like having to interact with a GUI. Below is the video I am using. I started at minute 38 and went through minute 50. Took me about an hour and 10 minutes, so I am still on track for my timeline. I intend to put up another hour long session later today, but I am purposefully not studying for longer than one hour at a time to reduce mental fatigue.

HomeLab Tutorials – Part 2 – Standing up a Domain Controller with IDM

In our last episode, we learned how to configure a static DNS provider for our homelab network. Having a static DNS provider is my baseline requirement for a functioning homelab environment. The other big hurdle is coherent credentialing and file access. RedHat IDM (IDentity Manager) is a implementation of directory management which provides a native and centralized solution for domain asset management in Linux.