Powerlifting Results for 2021

Back in June, I posted what my programming was going to look like for the rest of the 2021 lifting year. I can now share the results of that program, as well as the changes I made to the program along the way. I know it’s not December yet, so I’m posting this article a bit early. That said, I have already achieved all my gym goals for 2021, so I don’t care.

Lifting Review – Sheiko #29-#32

Program Duration: 3 MonthsWorkout Intensity: IntermediateWorkout Length: 1.5 HoursDiet: Keto – 3200 Calories Per DayBodyweight: 210 LbHeight: 6’5″ Pros Super effective program to build strength over time. Very well organized, no guess work involved. 3 Days per Week is very manageable SQUATS for DAYS Cons One and a half hours in the gym is a … Read more