Chef Tutorials – Part 2 – Configuring A Chef Infrastructure Workstation

This tutorial is part two (Part One Found Here) of a multi-part series detailing the basic use of Chef Infrastructure. I am making this series to help cement my knowledge of the Chef ecosystem, and provide the knowledge I am earning to other people without too many layers of abstraction. Below is an annotated command list which describes the process I used to configure my Chef Workstation.

Book Takeaway – The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team

Author: Patrick LencioniPublished: April 11, 2002Purchase Link Synopsis Your team meetings suck because the people in your meetings don’t trust each-other. Their lack of trust keeps them from participating in healthy conflict. Their lack of conflict produces few or no good ideas, and does nothing to encourage commitment to a shared purpose. Their lack of … Read more

Lifting Review – Sheiko #29-#32

Program Duration: 3 MonthsWorkout Intensity: IntermediateWorkout Length: 1.5 HoursDiet: Keto – 3200 Calories Per DayBodyweight: 210 LbHeight: 6’5″ Pros Super effective program to build strength over time. Very well organized, no guess work involved. 3 Days per Week is very manageable SQUATS for DAYS Cons One and a half hours in the gym is a … Read more